You already know how easy it is to scan Service Repair Orders: scan, review, shred. The service team loves how easy it is to view the tech notes and submit for warranty work. Why not expand scanning into the accounting office and let efficiency flow into other areas in the dealership?


You’ve already tackled the largest paper nightmare in the dealership: Service Repair Orders. Your next target is Car Deals. You generally don’t have as many car deals as service repair orders, but filed car deals amount for the majority of your storage space or cost, especially if you happen to be storing off site. The average car deal contains 30-40 pieces of paper.


Multiple individuals in the dealership rely on the paperwork throughout the life of a car deal. From the basics of finance stips and title paperwork to the issues that affect your survey score and incentives. Were running boards included as a We Owe? Did you meet your Toyota service contract goal this month?


If you are storing car deals in filing cabinets you are losing money in the form of time.

The time it takes for finance to fund a car deal.

Finance needs to track down the POI in the deal they turned in for month end. It’s the 5th of the month and accounting is finishing up posting all of the car deals and month end. Finance has to contact the accounting office to find the deal and fax the stip or track it down themselves. Is it still on the car deals desk or has it moved onto the DMV desk yet? Your finance salesperson has now spent several minutes locating the file. Finance gets called down to the showroom, another customer is ready to be signed. They will have to repeat the process this afternoon.


The time it takes for service to confirm a promise made by sales.

Fast forward to 6 weeks later when the deal is funded and the customer is on the phone with the service department, inquiring about the running boards installation they haven’t scheduled yet. Did the salesman promise running boards? Service calls the accounting department to confirm the we owe. Accounting has already filed the car deal in storage and has to leave their desk to pull the car deal. The customer is still waiting for running boards, several days or weeks after signing for their new car. The Service Advisor will have to call the customer back after We Owe has been researched, possibly later today or tomorrow if you’re lucky.


How long does it take to find a stip or We Owe if you scan and store your car deals electronically? 3 minutes.


Finance can locate a stip and fax to the bank, funding from the bank will be available in the account tomorrow.

Finance logs in to the Scan123 Car Deals cabinet and searches for the car deal, reviews the contents and prints the stip. Stip is faxed to the bank and they are finished within 2-3 minutes.


The Service Advisor can locate the we owe and schedule a service appointment on the same phone call.

Service Advisor logs in to the Scan123 Car Deals cabinet and searches for the car deal, finds the we owe agreement and confirms the running boards are included, all while on the phone with the customer. The customer is scheduled for service during the same phone call.


Who Needs Access to Car Deals in Your Dealership?

Once your Scan123 Car Deals cabinet is setup, have your Company Admin grant access to the correct people on your team:

  • Sales Managers
  • Finance Salespeople
  • Car Deal Clerks
  • Title Clerks
  • Office Manager
  • Service Manager
  • Service Advisors


Scan123 Interfaces with your DMS – What does this mean for Car Deals?

When you scan a car deal and use the car deal # as the folder name, Scan123 will auto-populate the following search fields, making recall simple.

  • Stock #
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Phone #
  • VIN
  • License Plate

Scan your car deals today
Click the link above to create a Car Deals cabinet and start scanning your car deals today.


Do you already have a Car Deals cabinet or are currently scanning car deals? Review these helpful tips to keep your scanning on the right track:


Tips For Scanning Car Deals

  • Organize your deal paperwork as you would if you were storing in paper files
  • Remove any staples or multiple page DMV documents that may jam in the scanner
  • Scan using the Fujitsu line of scanners for best results with long finance contracts
  • Review scanned pages for readability before sending to your cabinet
  • Setup your DMS interfacing to get the most out of your Car Deal scanning


What Should You Do With Your Dead Deals? There’s a cabinet for that too.

Not all car deals end with the customer driving off the lot in that new car. If you weren’t able to secure the down payment or POI for funding, you are still holding onto a stack of paperwork. If you are like most dealers, you are storing your Dead Deals separately from your cash and funded deals. While you are getting started with your Car Deals cabinet, start a Dead Deals cabinet too.


Want to learn from someone already scanning car deals?

Comptroller Linda Bain of Pete’s Car Smart Kia uses Scan123 in the accounting office to scan car deals. Click here to learn what she has to say about how Scan123 has brought more efficiency to her team.