20 groupAn auto dealer internet sales 20 group discusses ways to increase profitability.
CC image courtesy of DigitalRalph on Flickr

The season is upon us for 20 Group meetings. Did you forget already?

20 Groups are groups of non-competing business managers who get together to discuss their operations in detail and learn from one another to maximize profits. 20 Groups are best known for their use in the auto industry, but the practice is also used in accounting, legal, manufacturing, and other industries. There are 20 Groups for owners and business principals, general managers, CFO’s and controllers, sales managers, and other manager roles. Many of these will be meeting soon throughout the spring and summer.

If Scan123 has helped your business become more efficient and profitable, please consider telling your 20 Group about your experience with Scan123. Or, better yet, we’d love to give a short presentation at your next 20 Group meeting about document scanning and document management. We’ve spoken at many 20 Group meetings, and we always pay for all of our own expenses.
Best yet, most 20 Group meetings have all attendees put $50 in a hat for a cash prize for the best ideas. Many of our customers have won some or all of that pot by sharing Scan123 with their colleagues. Plus, for each member of your 20 Group who signs up as a customer of Scan123, we’ll give you a free month of Scan123 service.

If you’d like to arrange for Scan123 to visit your 20 Group meeting, give us a call at 1-888-481-3727, or use our contact form to send us a message.