When Sam Bernard was hired on as the Service Director for Lassen Chevrolet Toyota he knew something had to change with document filing in the parts and service office. As someone looking in to bring organization to the systems and processes at Lassen Chevrolet Toyota, Sam recalls, “paperwork stacked up sometimes 3 feet deep in areas” and “the weight just alone of the paperwork on the beams of the ceiling was excessive.”

Document filing was not efficient. Sam says that employees would take “hours to find one document” and it didn’t make sense to be “flipping through a thousand pieces of paper to find one.” The dealership service departments sees “… about 1,500 cars a month through the shop and each car has about 5 pieces of paper month that come along with it every time it enters the building, so we’re doing 10-20,000 documents a month that have to be scanned.”

Sam made document filing much more efficient with the use of scanning and electronic document storage through Scan123. Employees can scan and view vehicle records from their desk, eliminating thousands of papers that were once stored in the parts office. Sam states, “We were storing papers where parts were supposed to be.” And it didn’t stop with efficiency of document filing. Sam’s decision to use Scan123 led to more production in both the service and parts departments. Sam says, “Taking that space and turning it into parts space, that became more production, more parts available to get ours cars fixed faster.. And technology has made us hands above everyone else.”

Scan123 is so easy to use and implement in the dealership that scanning has carried over to the accounting office where they are scanning accounts receivable, accounts payable and HR files.

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