“Every time a technician walks to the parts counter to order a part, waits for it, or walks back later to pick it up, they burn about 10 to 15 minutes of their work day. If they do it four times, that adds up to an hour of lost technician revenue per day. If you have 10 technicians losing 20 hours of revenue per month, that adds up to 200 hours of technician time that you are not billing.” Bill Wittenmyer paints the picture well in his article 4 Service Revenue Leaks You Need to Fix in the recent issue of Auto Dealer Monthly. Dealerships and technicians are losing money from waiting.

This same idea has been mirrored in other recent articles. In the November issue of Dealer Magazine How Many Hours Do You Need to Sell This Month, Charlie Polston explains that in the service department, you must “… Eliminate any activity that takes the tech out of his service bay, away from the car.” This sounds like a common issue dealerships are trying to solve.

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Have you ever considered how much time your technicians also use when researching prior repairs? A warranty claim or comeback may prompt the technician to hunt down a repair order. Just like ordering parts, locating a prior service repair order or tech notes can be time consuming, and costly to both the technician and the service department’s bottom line. Chances are your repair orders aren’t filed in the service bay. They are locked away in the service office, next to the cashier or filed in another building.

If you are thinking to yourself that technicians don’t need access to those repair orders, it’s helpful to remember how important your technician’s notes are. Not every service detail can be housed in your DMS records and if you happen to switch your DMS, some data may not transfer over. You stand behind your service department and the quality repairs and maintenance they complete daily. Why would you not want them to succeed by making sure they are able to refer back to prior notes?

One change you can make today: get your team connected.

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Cut down on lost time by connecting your service advisors and technicians with each other using digital tools to increase communication. Wittenmyer describes adding digital tools that will alert the parts counter when the RO is generated to speed up the time it takes to order a part as well as better reporting for declined services. The Fixed Ops Journal from Automotive News mirrors the same ideas in the article by Stephanie Hernanez McGavin. McGavin explains that “an array of software tools aids service departments in elevating practices..” Going digital in the dealership reduces time wasted by service advisors and technicians. Polston agrees by suggesting “Enhance digital communication to speed up the multi-point inspection information transfer between techs and advisors,” as well as reminding you to “Upgrade your equipment – make sure technicians have the latest electronics, computers, fluid exchange machines, and diagnostic tools.” As a service advisor, more and more technologies are now available to create a smooth process for your customers and staff. Take advantage of the innovation and watch your revenues grow!

Back to the issue posed at the beginning of this blog – how much is that 200 hours of tech time worth to you? There is clearly a problem with technicians walking from their bay – multiple times throughout the day. Think of your technicians hunting down a previous repair order. Where are you filing repair orders and hard copies with tech notes after your customer leaves? Bring your paperwork to the digital age by scanning and storing your repair orders electronically with Scan123.

The benefits of scanned repairs orders doesn’t end there. By scanning your repair orders, you will regain space in your dealership that’s currently being consumed by paper files, save money looking for lost files and best of all create efficiencies in your dealership.

Click below to watch a video where Amber Hayward Hill explains how Scan123 has changed how the service technicians file and retrieve repair orders:

Your entire service department will benefit from scanned repair orders using Scan123:

  • Access repair orders from any computer with internet access
  • Grant access to select employees, shared access for collaboration
  • Color scans to show all tech notes and invoice details
  • Create efficiencies in how you handle and view your repair orders

With enhanced document retrieval, you can search for repair orders by VIN, Stock #, Customer Name, Phone or License Plate. Unfortunately, your technician isn’t that good. Take the time and guesswork out of finding your repair orders by storing them in a way that makes good sense to your business.

Scan123 is an affordable and easy-to-use document management solution. Downloading the Scan123 software and training is completed in a matter of minutes. During training, we walk you through how to scan, file documents and search for them immediately in the cloud. With unlimited training and support, Scan123 is completely customizable for your dealership. You are in charge of how many users, scanner stations, and how many virtual filing cabinets you need.

Click here to learn more about how Scan123 can help recover lost service revenue. We will provide a free 20-minute demonstration for you to experience how easy Scan123 is!