Or, “Why Online Document Storage Is Essential For Small Business”

Several years ago online document storage for Small Business began as a neat tool for streamlining operations. However, since then, web-based document management has become crucial for Small Business everywhere. Small Business regulations for storage and retaining records have been strict, and since the credit crises and housing meltdown, have become even more stringent. Not having complete and accurate records can mean subsequent fines, the inability to protect yourself against complaints and lawsuits, and leaves you open to being shutdown and out of business for good. Clearly if you have made it this far this is something you cannot afford to risk. Below are a few of the factors that Small Businesses need to consider seriously if they have not yet moved to a paperless office system.

Documents lost, misfiled, destroyed in natural disasters, emergencies or relocation

Only relying on ‘paper filing’ within your office not only leaves you open to the possibility of documents being lost and misfiled, but also destroyed in the case of natural disasters, emergencies or relocating. Regardless of the reason, the business principals are still responsible to have those documents stored securely. Online storage of documents has been approved by regulators for Small Business and it should be taken advantage of. Another reason that you need the ability to store files online is in the case of complaints and investigations. Having your documents stored virtually instead of physically on the premises can give you the time to contact your attorney and rectify any issues before having to hand over documents to inspectors. Of course security features for paperless office software also mean that you can control exactly who has access to certain data and protect against fraud or theft of yours or your client’s data.

A dramatic improvement in productivity and time saving

Besides the legal reasons for utilizing the latest in paperless office document storage, Small Business, having possibly felt the worst effects of the recent economic downturn in many cases must turn to this technology in order to lower overhead and stay in business. The dramatic improvement in productivity and time saving by having records that can be found instantly online means that your Small Business can greatly increase it’s ROI on your staffing budget and makes cuts and improve service and quality. Furthermore this also means that downsizing or taking your operation into a virtual environment can be totally seamless and painless while saving you big on monthly expenses.

This is not a time that companies can afford to waste money or not operate at their highest possible potential in terms of profit margin and speed. Only the strongest will survive. Will you be one of them?

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