So by now you’re convinced about document scanning. Digitizing your files is going to save your business time and money, making you more efficient and effective. You walk over to the file room to say good-bye to your paper documents … and your heart sinks. Your confidence and optimism wither as you survey rows of filing cabinets and banker’s boxes filled with paper. Scanning all of that could take a while. Suddenly outsourcing the job seems like a pretty good idea. But is it?

Here are three questions to consider in your decision to scan your own documents in-house or contract an outside company to scan them for you:
Do you really need to scan it all? Sure, it would be nice to scan all of your existing paper. But how often do you really need to look at an invoice from five years ago? For infrequently accessed files, the time you’ll waste looking for the paper copy could cost you less than it will to scan it all. You could be better off just scanning certain documents and waiting until your oldest records become obsolete and you can shred them. For more on backscanning strategies, check out The Paperless Office, Day 1: Where to Start?

Do you need it scanned right away? Aside from not doing it yourself, the primary benefit of outsourcing your scanning is getting the job done quickly. If you want to digitize all of your paper records but aren’t in any particular hurry, you could save some coin by scanning a little bit each day, starting with the most important or frequently accessed documents.

Do you or any of your employees have idle time in your day? If any of your employees have idle time during the day, scanning is a great way to productively fill that time. Receptionists and cashiers in particular may spend much of their day waiting for the phone to ring or a customer to walk in. Interns and temps are also ideal for this kind of work.

If you really feel that you need to scan all or a significant portion of your archived paper documents as soon as possible and have no time to do so, then outsourcing your scanning might be the right choice for your business. Scan123 can work with any company to which you choose to outsource the job to train them on our software at no additional cost to you. If you’re still not sure whether or not you should outsource your scanning, please give us a call, and one of our scanning specialists can help you evaluate your situation and make a recommendation.