Recommended Scanners

Scan123 and the Fujitsu line of scanners

We will never talk you into buying something that you don’t need - like an expensive, slow, proprietary scanner that won’t work on any other software, or a maintenance contract on a scanner that probably won’t ever break. Over the years we have found the Fujitsu line of scanners provides the best performance, features and durability.

Fujitsu scanners are reasonably priced, and will handle thousands of pages without a problem. From card stock to receipts, these scanners are highly adept to handle any type of paper you might throw their way. We partner with PC Nation to give our customers access to the best scanners at a discounted price. We do not sell or profit from scanner sales.

fujitsu fi-7030 scanner model.

The Fujitsu fi-7030

Fast and compact the Fujitsu FI-7030 is capable of scanning a wide range of paper, great for small to medium sized workstations. Reliability is enhanced with new skew prevention technology for exceptional paper handling. This scanner is our most popular and reliable choice.

  • 54 images per minute
  • Medium capacity 50 page feeder
  • Color, grayscale and black and white
  • Smart skew prevention technology
  • Capable of scanning sticky notes, taped receipts and labels without misfeeding
  • Rapid power up time in less than 1 second
  • Supports long documents up to 220” long

The Fujitsu fi-7160

Designed for workflow efficiency and built to last, the Fujitsu FI-7160 scanner offers exceptional return on investment (ROI) through increased scanning speeds and reduced user intervention. Acoustic sensors ensure your data is captured with smart ultrasonic technology and reduces rescans by cleaning documents automatically in a single pass. This is the best choice for high volume workstations.

  • 120 images per minute
  • Large capacity 80 page feeder
  • Color, grayscale and black and white
  • Automatic image cleanup with PaperStream IP Drivers
  • Smart skew prevention technology
  • Rapid power up time in less than 4 seconds
  • Supports long documents up to 18.3 ft in PaperStream IP
fujitsu fi-7160 scanner model.

A word about minimum system requirements

To ensure a quality user experience with our product, we suggest the following minimum requirements for computers that will be using the Scan123 Client:

• Windows 7 or newer
• Intel Core i3 OR equivalent processor
• At least 8GB of RAM installed
• 15 GB of free disk space available
• USB 2.0 ports
• An Internet connection of DSL speeds or greater

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