No matter how much paper you have, Desert Sun Roswell had more. That’s “had” in the past tense. They switched to electronic document filing with Scan123. Listen to their own words:

What do you recall being the deciding factors that you started going to Scan123 for? One was the ease of operation, how easy it was for anybody to scan. We were getting ready to have to buy another boxcar for storage because the building that we had storing our records in at first was getting old and we were having trouble with it. We bought one boxcar, and we were getting ready to buy another one. The receptionist did all of it, she got us caught up for almost five years. And now we’re doing day-to-day stuff. What improvements to your business have you experienced since you started using Scan123? It’s really a great time saver. Now all we do is we just pull it up on the Scan123 site. It really saves a lot of time because everything is right there at your desktop, you don’t have to go look for anything.

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