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When managing over 1,000 customer accounts, keeping track of every loan document can get tricky. When you have over 20 locations with just as many accounts, organization becomes critical in order to service accounts and stay in compliance. All-State Holdings regional supervisor Tony Biggot found the organization he needed by using Scan123 electronic document management. All-State Holdings processes consumer, real estate, bill consolidation and auto loans for their customers. Tony oversees multiple locations and relies on processes being consistent between the different offices. Tony says that Scan123 has “helped us streamline our accounts. With so many locations, all of them are now handling the paperwork the same way, account numbers, customer’s information, credit reports, etc.”

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In addition to the organization, Tony enjoys the convenience and security of an electronic document management solution. Tony is able to view several locations’ documents without leaving his home office or worrying about who has access to his files. Tony explains “It’s helped us with privacy issues because you need a username and password to access the Scan123 website. I can remotely see it from any location. There have been times where I have actually done some work after hours and it’s nice to not have to drive to actually view those files.”

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By implementing scanning documents with Scan123 at all of their locations, processes have streamlined from how paperwork is handled to how it’s filed away. All-State Holdings scans all of their finance documents and files them away electronically. They are benefiting from time savings and physical space that is no longer being taken by filing cabinets. Tony explains the process before and after using Scan123, “Before, when a customer signs the paperwork, we would put it in a folder, create labels and put it in the file. Now, we upload the scan and it’s done in seconds as opposed to 10-15 minutes. Prior to Scan123, it would take us 20 or 30 minutes to find a file because we would have to physically go look for that file.” When the finance office has upwards of 1,000 open accounts, not including customers from the past, the number of files to search through becomes overwhelming.

Utilizing an electronic document management solution instead of paper filing definitely has its benefits. Time savings are felt when searching for an individual file. Not only do you not have to leave your desk, but you also gain the functionality of an intuitive search right from your computer. All-State Holdings enjoys that “Scan123 gives us so many different options to search for specific files. We can search by account number, customer name, etc. We can find stuff within seconds.”

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Tony continues to rave about Scan123, saying that All-State Holdings has “A great relationship with Scan123, great customer service, great support, the solution is very easy to use, our employees love it. I would recommend Scan123 to anyone who wants to keep their files and customer information on and off-site database where they don’t have to keep record retention in the branch. Scan123 is invaluable to us now.”

Scan123 is an electronic document management solution that is scalable for businesses of all sizes, from small finance offices to large corporations with several off-site locations. With affordable start-up and monthly fees, businesses of all sizes can benefit from electronic filing. In less than an hour, our Support team will setup your scanner and train you on how to scan and view documents.

If you are looking for ways to streamline your processes and reduce clutter in your office, request a demo to learn more and try out Scan123. We are happy to answer any of your questions about how to start scanning documents while saving time and money for your business. Do you want to see how Scan123 will pencil out for your situation? Check out the ROI calculator and see for yourself. You can also find links to more customer success stories and FAQs about electronic document management.