Let that sink in for a minute.Award Ribbon

Scan123 has a 97.3 percent retention rate which speaks to our overall customer satisfaction with the product. Since launching Scan123 Version 2 of our scanner client software and our much improved web portal in Q4 of 2012, our customer satisfaction has been astounding.

Tell me what company off the top of your head can claim this statement? It would be a very short list. They would be in an elite group of companies that brought every aspect of their process together with strict attention to details. Software features, web portal features, training and support, price point, etc.

Here’s a thought. Why not use Electronic Document Management and bypass all of the worry, wasted space, wasted labor, and wasted supplies? And then, imagine that at the click of a button your electronic documents are safely and quickly encrypted and sent to the equivalent of a digital vault, waiting patiently if years later you may need to quickly acquire a digital copy? Well that simple service exists now for a fraction of what you pay to keep all your paper documents now. Have any questions? Get the 20 minute walk through today.