Amber at Capitol Toyota in Salem, OR, shares how using Scan123’s electronic filing system has made her job easier:

Scan123 has made my job easier because I can get to exactly the correct repair order that I need within seconds. Scan123 makes it easier for me to retrieve the documents. All I have to do is log in to the website, and within 30 seconds or less I have the documents that I need. Using Scan123 on a busy day, normally I scan between one and two hundred documents a day. Before Scan123, we had a file clerk. That was her sole job, was to put all the repair orders in numerical order and put them in file cabinets, and it just took all day long, a full-time position. We’ve eliminated that with Scan123. Now I can get all my documents scanned in a matter of a day. We don’t even have to store documents using Scan123. We just shred all the documents once they’ve been scanned. The benefits of Scan123 are it takes me 30 seconds or less to find the document that I need, it’s a time-saver, it’s a space-saver, I would say it’s a money-saver too. I would rate Scan123 on a scale of one to five, definitely a five. It saves me time and a lot of space. I don’t know why anybody would want to go back once they’ve started using Scan123.

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