November 1, 2019 – Scan123 Corporation has announced the launch of VelocityFile which greatly increases scanning speeds by scanning stacks of documents in batches.

Designed for the busy automotive dealership staff who handles hundreds of documents daily, VelocityFile allows the scanning user to drop several Repair Orders or Parts Tickets into the scan feeder at a time to scan multiple documents in one scanning session.

In a timed study, 2,000 pages of Repair Orders were scanned using VelocityFile and Traditional Scanning methods. VelocityFile users saved the equivalent of 15 working hours per month vs those using Traditional Scanning methods. The system is recommended for use in an automotive dealership that processes 500 + Repair Orders monthly, which results in 500-15,000 physical pieces of paper stored monthly.

The system is compatible with all major DMS providers. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), VelocityFile automatically reads and assigns the unique DMS number (Repair Order, Parts Ticket No.) for each individual Repair Order or Parts Ticket. VelocityFile improves accuracy of assigning the DMS number by eliminating data entry and human error.

“The system is wonderful! It has cut so much time for me, I just can’t even believe it…I posted and scanned my service and parts tickets in the amount of time it would normally take me just to scan those tickets. I was done in an hour and 10 minutes, normally that’s a two to two-and-a-half hour process,” said Barb from McMinnville Toyota. “[VelocityFile] is saving me 2 hours per day for other work.”