Infiniti of Kirkland has been a Scan123 customer for 2 years. In this video, Ryan Anderson, their service manager, reviews the Scan123 Electronic Document Management System.

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With Scan123 we’ve noticed that our file room has greatly reduced in size. Before we actually had to have portable containers installed on the dealership to give us that valuable room that we needed. With Scan123, we don’t need that anymore. We actually get to use that as office space. Everything’s been digitally formatted. It’s a really easy product to use. Once you open up your web page, all you have to do is enter a repair order number, and Scan123 will find any document you need at the push of a button. There’s a great lot of time saved with Scan123. There’s no running to the file room to find a lost repair order. You just enter the last six of the VIN or the repair order number, and everything is displayed on your hard drive as you need it. Before Scan123, to find a repair order was pretty difficult. We had to go back to the file room, and if it was put away properly, you might be able to find it. But now with Scan123, it’s very simple. All we do is enter the last repair order number, and everything pops up on your computer screen within seconds.

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