Want an IT perspective on Scan123? Just ask Mikal Shaw, IT Manager at Rairdon’s Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram of Monroe. Their dealership has been using Scan123 for document management since 2009.


Scan123 stands out above the rest due to ease of installation and ease of use. It’s very easy to use. Getting to the old documents was very hard, very cumbersome. We had to go look through year and date through portable boxes, to actually pull some of the customer data. Whereas now it’s as just as easy as clicking on your Internet Explorer and being able to browse the documents. It’s very easy for these employees to use the product. It’s just basically picking up the paper and actually just running it through the machine. It’s that easy. What happens, especially within our service department, is that we have a number of RO’s that we have, and what we do is we basically take those RO’s after a days usage and scan them directly into Scan123. We no longer have to keep all those documents. I would have to say that the ease of being able to scan the documents, and be able to log in for our employees to be able do the scanning is going to be fairly simplified. When you do call Scan123, support can get back to you within minutes.

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