Have you found yourself in one of these situations without access to your desktop scanner?

  • Discussing a business opportunity with your colleague
  • Traveling for a business conference
  • Sending a tax document to your accountant
  • Sitting on a beach with a drink in your hand

If you have encountered one or more of these scenarios, you will benefit from mobile access and the Scan123 app. Okay, you may not admit to working from the convenience of the beach, but who are we to judge?

We are constantly looking for more tools to increase your efficiency and simplify the way you do business. We would like to re-introduce you to the Scan123 app! The Scan123 app is a mobile version of the Scan123 desktop scanning and document storage solution. Scan and save important documents to the cloud immediately from your mobile device. The Scan123 app allows your business to keep moving, even when you are away from your desk. Never worry about filing, wherever you are!

Do you really need another app? We think so.

Download the app now!

Finance is struggling to get deals funded.

It’s the end of the month. You have deals waiting to be funded. The customers who drove the car off the lot can no longer find the time to drive across town to bring in the stips. Something about life, work, kids, etc. Sound familiar? The finance team is frustrated because they don’t want to watch the deal unfold and lose the commissions. With the threat of losing the commissions, you send your salesperson to collect the stips. When the salesperson shows up to get a copy of the stip the bank required, the customer doesn’t have a copier or scanner in the home to make a copy.

Empower your sales team with the Scan123 app. Your salesperson takes a picture of the stip and uploads it to your Funding Cabinet. The finance team has access to view the stips, downloads and emails the stip to the bank for funding.


Service needs to document come-backs and warranty claims.

In the Service department, time is money. Your technicians require tools and processes that keep their job efficient and minimize downtime. When a warranty claim or come-back requires your technician to find the department camera to get a picture of the vehicle damage, email the picture to computer and print it out to complete the claim, your technician is using up valuable time. Simplify the claim process by providing your technicians with the tools they need. Simple processes mean more time fixing vehicles and more money in their pockets.

Empower your service team with the Scan123 app. The technician can quickly take a picture of the vehicle damage or claim and send it to your Warranty Cabinet. The Warranty Administrator has access to view the vehicle damage and process claims quickly.

It’s hard to find a department that couldn’t benefit from scanning from your mobile device.


Who benefits from mobile scanning?

  • Accounting: Business lunch receipts from the owner
  • Finance: Proof of Income you sent sales to chase
  • Service: Warranty repairs and vehicle come-backs
  • HR: Workers Comp injury reports

With the Scan123 app, you can use your smartphone or tablet camera to scan single or multi-page documents and organize them into folders and cabinets within your Scan123 account. From the Scan123 website, you and your privileged users can conveniently view, download and share files using Scan123’s secure encryption.

Download the app now!

Using the Scan123 App to Scan and Upload your documents is easy!

  • Download the Scan123 app from the Google Play Store
  • Scan documents from your mobile device
  • Edit & Upload documents to your Scan123 account


Scan Your Document

*In order to scan and upload documents from your mobile device, you must have a login to your Scan123 account.









Tap to scan your first document. Tap OK. If you have more pages to add to the scan, tap the camera button for each additional page.


Edit Your Scan

Tap on the image to edit or delete your documents. Tap Edit Scan. When you are finished making changes, tap the check mark in the top right corner to save your changes.

Customize your scan by using the editing tools below:

  • Adjust the ration/layout
  • Adjust orientation
  • Zoom in/out


Reorder Your Scans

Rearrange how your scans appear by tapping Reorder in the toolbar.

Tap and hold an image or the   button to move each scan. An orange border will appear around the image when it’s ready to be moved:


Delete All Scans

Tap  in the toolbar and select Delete All to delete all scans on screen.

Upload Your Scan to Your Scan123 Account

When you have completed all edits and have organized your files in the correct order, you are ready to upload to your Scan123 account.

Tap to upload your scanned documents to your Scan123 account. Name your file and select the Cabinet from the dropdown menu. Specify the folder. Add any keywords and Tap Upload. Your documents will be securely sent to your Scan123 account.

Confirm that your file uploaded by finding your file in the Cabinet.


Upload Files from Your Phone

You can upload files already saved to your phone. Upload attachments received from emails or texts as well as files downloaded to your phone.

Tap Upload From Device from the menu at the top.

Tap and select the file you would like to upload. After the file is selected, update the file name and add any keywords. Tap to upload. Select your Cabinet and enter the Folder name. Tap Upload to send the file to your Scan123 account. And you’re done!

Download the Scan123 app and keep your team connected to one another. Departments can take a picture and upload it within seconds to your Scan123 app.This allows your business to continue even without a computer.

We are continually working to enhance the Scan123 app features. Stay posted for more updates in the near future!

Download the app now!