The concept of a ‘paperless office’

It has been around for more than 30 years. Why is there so much resistance to it? Why can’t so many companies commit to going paperless? It defies common sense.


EDM can handle mountains of data

Really thorough studies that prove myriad benefits of going paperless and the drawbacks of not digitizing. Studies that show that same old 8.5 by 11 white paper sheet is still a huge part of the daily office routine! There’s studies that show the huge productivity increases, security benefits, savings in labor and materials, and on and on.


One survey of thousands of employees

in all sized businesses finds that over 80% felt the ‘paperless office is not a realistic goal.’ The study suggests that the employees felt the need to have hard copies to print and hand out and ‘mark up’. How is it that employees get to guide the direction of the business?


One survey hints that businesses

are more than aware of the increase in productivity that can be made by going paperless, but they are always facing pressure from above to improve efficiency, hone business processes, make sure of their compliance and reduce overall costs. Seriously, what do you think going paperless does? Isn’t that a short list of what going paperless does?


If you want a comprehensive list

of the astounding benefits that Electronic Document Management can bring to your business, please look at this system. This system can pay for itself. How’s that for a start? Let us show you how.

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