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Frequently Asked Questions

To select the correct scanner driver, click on ‘TOOLS’’ then ‘SETTINGS’. Change your selected driver in the drop down menu labeled ‘SCANNER’ from WIA-{your scanner} to the manufacturer’s driver. If you have chosen to use a Fujitsu FI series scanner this will be labeled as FUJITSU OR PAPERSTREAM IP {your scanner}.

You need to reset the page counter for your scanner. This page explains how to reset the scanner page counter for the Fujitsu consumables. Steps may vary depending on the particular model of scanner you are using.
Try the following steps to regain the connection:

  1. On the top left of the Scan123 client, click on “File” , then “Exit”. This will close Scan123.
  2. Now open Scan123 and log back in.
  3. Click the “Send” button to see if you can now send your documents. If not, start a support ticket below.
Please enter the key that was assigned to your scanning station or watch this video. If you don’t know what a scanner key is ask your company’s Scan123 administrator.

Most of the time this is caused by a cable disconnect. Make sure your scanner’s USB cable is plugged in to the computer and that it has power.

In the course of your scanning routine, you may notice the scanner prompts you to log back in after 30 minutes of inactivity. This is done for security reasons.
There can be several reasons, but you should check your junk or spam folder for our emails. If you don’t find them there, start a support ticket below. We’ll help you troubleshoot it.

We do not sell or profit from scanner sales. We partner with PC Nation to give our customers access to the best scanners at a discounted price. Over the years we have found the Fujitsu line of scanners provides the best performance, features and durability.

Your company Scan123 admin will need to keep that information current by running a report through your DMS and then uploading the report into your Service RO cabinet. We interface with some DMS automatically. If you’d like to set your company up to automatically integrate with Scan123, please start a support ticket below.
We recommend the Fujitsu fi series scanners because we’ve found them to be extremely reliable and long-lasting. Our software has worked with some other scanners that use a TWAIN driver and we will do our best to assist you in installing a non-Fujitsu scanner but we cannot guarantee an optimal Scan123 experience with it.
Yes! Go to where you would login to Scan123 and look below the login form. Click on “forgot password?” You will be sent an email to change your password.