Carol is the Office Manager at a publishing company where she has worked for six years. During her time at the company it has been gradually expanding, which means Carol has had a greater need for more filing cabinets. Her office is getting overrun with bulky file cabinets, banker’s boxes, and stacks of Miscellaneous things but that’s the least of Carol’s worries.

The controlled test

Carol decided to conduct an experiment for a week. She noted the time it took her each time she had to search through her filing cabinets and boxes for a document. When she tallied it up, it amounted to an unbelievable 11 hours over the work week!



Carol handles all of the invoicing for clients, as well as numerous other tasks which involve filing, and finds herself spending a lot of time sifting through the cabinets looking for the correct document. Not only is this a waste of Carol’s time, but she often has to keep a client on hold for longer than she feels should be necessary. Often she tells them she’ll call them back later, once she has located the file. This is an embarrassment for Carol because she knows the clients are frustrated, and she has to continually apologize for the delays in service.


Meeting with management

Instead of wasting time searching, Carol knew her time could be better spent looking after clients and keeping other areas of the business in order. Carol set up a meeting with management to discuss the alternative option of storing their files electronically. They were reluctant, but once Carol showed them the total time that she was losing each week trying to push paper, she convinced them that paper filing no longer made good business sense. They could see the benefit and how it would apply to all employees there.


Management epiphany

Management realized they were paying their employees to do a job that a computer could do in seconds, and their skills would be put to much greater use elsewhere. Overall, they could see that their employees would be far more productive if they implemented an electronic document management solution such as Scan123. (Good job Carol!)


The solution

The company contacted Scan123. After a short web-based demonstration of the product, the company moved all of their documents to a Scan123 electronic filing system. When a client calls now, Carol can locate their file within seconds and can offer a smooth and efficient service to the people that depend on her. She is a much happier and more motivated employee since having Scan123, not to mention the extra room she has in her office after removal of all of the large filing cabinets. They can now re-purpose that expensive floor space!

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