At Scan123 we’ve had a lot of opportunities to get many fine companies started on their new journey with digitizing and properly organizing all that paper they collected and shuffled around for so long. Over nearly 15 years we think we might have seen everything that could happen to shoot yourself in the foot from the start of that journey. I say this because, try as hard as we do to warn folks about the need for a good strategy at the onset, only a percentage of companies heed our warning. Not bragging, but we have a 97.3 percent retention rate, so it’s a small percentage. This speaks directly to the satisfaction level with every aspect of the Scan123 experience, from the sales process to the training and support, to everyday usage of the product and so on. None the less, it’s always disappointing to get that rare call where the person on the other end says ;

“Your products sucks.”

After we explain to them that we are truly sorry they feel that way and we plan to make everything right for them, we ask them “What makes you feel that way?” Often times the response goes like this; “You either lost a lot of my files, or your search doesn’t work. Either way, it’s your fault.” We then go into diagnostic mode and ask them what they are searching for and what was “the keyword structure they used when filing the document?” Most of the time it’s silence followed by “What do you mean by keyword structure?”

That’s why I think it’s time to revisit keyword structure and how important it is. We at Scan123 are all about freely training any customer that’s interested on just how to properly use our system. The reason why is there is no way to correct NOT using proper keywords after the fact if you have filed for 1.5 years without them. A file that can’t be found is technically ‘lost’. We can easily prevent this altogether if you take our advice at the beginning. Here’s the good news:

Back in February, 2012 we wrote a really great guide on this very subject so we aren’t going to rewrite it here. Fortunately for you we’ve got your attention now. Now go and read the guide.

You will be so happy in 3 years when you need that file quick!

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