Closeup of an old keyhole with key

When your company is set up on Scan123 Version 2, one of the things you’ll receive from the Scan123 support team is a list of scanner keys. Each key is a 10-character alphanumeric string that looks something like this: 8j4cEWjP1D. When you install the Scan123 document scanning software, you’ll be asked for one of these scanner keys.
So what does a scanner key do?

Authorizes scanning into a company A scanner key tells our software which Scan123 company to send your scanned documents to. Along with the user login, the scanner key is another layer of security to make sure that only authorized individuals can upload files to your company. Without a valid scanner key, you cannot use Scan123 software to upload files to Scan123.

Manages scanner settings Scanner keys also dictate the scanner settings that the Scan123 software will use. This prevents the settings from being changed, either accidentally or on purpose, by another program or by a user. Altering the settings can increase the file size of scanned documents, which can push your company over your monthly limit for uploaded data and incur additional charges.

Tracks scanner activity Finally, the scanner key is used to record the name of the scanning station where each document was scanned. This allows the company admin to track scanning activity done at that station.

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