Gordon Vavrek explains how the Scan123 No Data Hostage Guarantee works if you choose to switch to another electronic document management solution or want to go back to filing paper.

When you’re ready to leave, if you are – technology changes and you don’t need us anymore – we’ll put your data, exactly in the format that you put it in as – meaning if you scanned it, it’s PDF, and it’s a free reader; if you uploaded a video file or a Word document or Excel spreadsheets, they’re in that format – and we give it to you for FREE. That’s just part of it.
We put it on a portable hard drive, we encrypt it so it’s safe when we transport it to you. And we send it to you, and tell you thank you very much and hope you can still be a good referral for us. So “no data hostage” for us is a strong selling point as it compares to either some old wounds they experienced or some things they’re getting ready to experience at this point.

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