Scanning is actually not as horrid of a task as you may think. I’m a HUGE fan of scanning! However, I think that’s mostly because it’s part of my daily routine. Paper invoices come in, I enter them into our accounting software, cut the check via bill pay in our online banking, then scan the invoice and recycle it! I love being able to easily pull up my scanned documents at any time, attach them to emails, or fax them from my virtual fax machine with the click of my mouse. But scanning wasn’t always a regular part of my day. I used to put off scanning my documents and then take one day at the end of the month just to scan everything. Bad idea. By putting all of my scanning off until the end of the month, I was sabotaging myself. I had created a task so large that it made getting a root canal seem like a walk in the park. I loved having my documents available to me on my computer, but I was definitely making the task of scanning much more difficult than it needed to be. One month, I finally just decided to take a crack at scanning as I worked throughout the day. Genius! SO much easier and less invasive! So now I have all the benefits of having electronic documents, without the dread of scanning them. My biggest tip to all of you out there … scan as you go!

– Corree Schurman, Scan123 Accounting