You can find the answers to these questions in a jiffy when you go to the ‘Help’ section in Scan123.

Question: A ‘consumable’ message keeps coming up after I have replaced them.
Solution: Reset the scanner counter for the consumables.

Question: I don’t see any cabinets available while scanning with the client.
Solution: Sometimes an internet hiccup can cause this but it’s simple to fix. Have you gone from wired to wireless internet or vice versa? If you have, you may have lost your connection to the cabinets. Try the following steps to regain the connection:
1) On the top left of the Scan123 client, click on “File” then “Exit”. This will close Scan123.
2) Now open Scan123 and log back in.
3) Click the “Send” button to see if you can now send your documents. If not, start a support ticket.

Question: When I click scan nothing happens or won’t scan long paper.
Solution: Make sure the correct scanner driver is selected. To select the right scanner driver, click on ‘tools’ then ‘Settings’. When the settings box comes up, change your driver in the drop down from WIA-{yourScanner} to FUJITSU {yourScanner}. It might also be named ‘Paperstream’ in some cases.

Question: Scan123 is asking for a key. (about 30 sec. in.)
Solution: re-enter the key that was assigned to your scanning station. If you don’t know what that is ask your company’s Scan123 Admin.

Question: My scanner isn’t showing up anymore.
Solution: I know it seems silly, but most of the time this is caused by a cable disconnect. Make sure your scanner’s USB cable is plugged in to the computer and that it has power.

Question: Why does the client and website log me out?
Solution: Security reasons, Client logs you out: 30min , Website logs you out: 1hr. In the course of your user’s daily scanning routine, they may notice the scanner prompts you to log back in after 30 minutes of inactivity. This may seem annoying at first, but we do this for a very good reason, let me explain why we do it this way.

If, for example, you have ever worked in retail you may be able to relate to this quite well. In retail you were trained to make sure to log out of the till (cash register) before leaving it because if any money was missing or anything else happened while you were logged in to the till, the blame fell solely on you because you were the last one logged in and were accountable.

Question: Why am I not receiving Scan123 emails or ticket responses?
Solution: Check your junk or spam folder for our emails

Question: Why can’t I search by DMS information?
Solution: Your Company admin will need to keep that information current by running a report through your DMS and then uploading the report into your Service RO cabinet.

Question: Do we buy scanners from you?
Solution: We do not directly sell scanners. We do have a rep at PC Nation though and his name is Dan Metz and his direct number is 800-235-4050 ext 3008. If you tell him you are a Scan123 customer he will give you a little break on your scanner purchase.

Question: I have this TWAIN compliant Kodak Network Scanner, Why can’t I use it?
Solution: We officially support the Fujitsu fi series scanners. We will try and assist installing a non supported scanner but we cannot guarantee the best Scan123 experience with it.

For those not acquainted with Scan123 yet, here’s a free 20 minute online demo of how easy this can be for your company to solve these problems all at once. We can help.