What if an expensive scanner isn’t an option?

Have you been trying to find a way to get started with scanning and storing your documents electronically in the Service Department but can’t get the owner on board because the start up costs are just too expensive?

Paper is stacking up and the dealership isn’t getting any bigger. Technicians are constantly leaving their stalls to pull up old repair orders. In the service department, time is money. You know that your service office is cluttered from files and the team is frustrated with how hard it is to find an RO, but how can you prove that scanning files is a necessity?


Prove the Value of Scanning

Create Efficiencies with Quick File Retrieval

Scan your service repair orders using no data entry when paired with the use of Barcodes. Simply load the repair order into the scanner feeder, click scan and the Scan123 software can automatically populate the Repair Order number. When retrieving the Repair Order after uploaded, you can search for the file by any of the following search options: VIN, Stock #, Customer Name, Customer Phone, and License Plate. That’s not an option with paper filing. Everyone in your dealership will appreciate the benefit of quick file retrieval: Service Manager, Technicians, and Warranty Clerk.


Increase Customer Service

When your service cashier scans and stores files electronically, she never leaves her desk. Filing is completed with a small desktop scanner no bigger than a shoebox. She is always attentive to the customer and won’t be found in the service office filing. With the option to email scans, the cashier can email copies of repair orders and payment receipts directly to your customers. Appreciate modern technology when your customers have the option to receive their service invoice via paper or email.


Reclaim Space

You see hundreds of service customers every month. Each time they walk in the door another form is filled out and filed away. At a time, you had enough filing cabinets to get the job done, but anymore your files are exploding throughout the service office. You may even have stacks of repair orders on each cabinet. Reclaim your service and parts offices and remove the burden of inefficient paper filing. Click here to learn from our customers who have experienced the freedom of storing files electronically.


Secure Customer Information

Is your dealership protecting customer information when files are easily accessible by all employees and any customer walking through the shop? Have peace of mind knowing that customer files are protected by military grade encryption and feel in control knowing that when storing your documents electronically you are always in control of who has access. Customer files are continually backed up, meaning that if a severe weather storm destroyed your dealership, customer repair orders would still be safe, fully accessible from a computer with internet access.


Review the ROI Calculator

Filing Service Repair Orders is more expensive than you think. You spend money every time your Technicians and Warranty Clerks are reviewing Repair Orders. That doesn’t even include the We Owes and Goodwills that you handle in your shop. Using the employee’s hourly wage, you can use this helpful tool to estimate how much money you are spending with employee time, cost of storing paper files in filing cabinets and the cost associated with locating lost files. Knowing how much you are spending when filing now will help show you the real savings when you move to scanning and storing your files electronically.


Check the Reviews

When evaluating any scanning solution or product, reviews are king. Do you encourage your customers to complete the survey each time they drive through your shop? Good service doesn’t always get recognized but if your customer receives terrible service, that experience will haunt you like a bad relationship. Don’t get caught not knowing what you are getting into. Check out the vendor reviews, testimonials and referrals.


Unlimited, for Growth

We want your document storage to grow with you. Because of that, all of our scanning packages include unlimited: users, cabinets, scanning stations, training and support. If you build 6 more service bays in your shop, your scanner can handle twice as many repair orders and no extra storage space will be required. You won’t pay for more employees to retrieve files or for an extra scanner to get setup.


Affordable Scanner Purchase and Monthly Service Fees

Can the costs for scanning really be affordable? It’s easy to get started when the scanner purchase and monthly fee combined are less than $700.


How can you get this deal?

  • Sign up for Scan123 $297 monthly scanning solution

Canon DR-C225 Scanner for only $329.95

Canon DR-C225

Similar the Fujitsu scanner, the Canon DR-C22 is easy to setup right from the box and won’t require much space on your desk. Priced at less than the cost of a routine tune-up, you will be able to find space for it in the service budget.

  • Great option for service repair orders, tech notes and receipts
  • Scans up to 25 pages per minute, color and B&W
  • Will scan thick documents such as credit cards or driver licenses
  • Skew technology to straighten scanned images
  • Affordably priced at $325-360


Are there other scanner options?

Our preferred scanners are the Fujitsu fi-7160 and fi-7030. We have stood alongside Fujitsu over the years as they have proven to be sturdy, low maintenance scanners. Fujitsu scanners can scan up to 120 pages per second and can support an accounting office in the scanning of car deals, accounts payable, etc. If you will be scanning long page contracts or high volume, we recommend that you purchase one of the Fujitsu scanners. Many scanners are compatible with Scan123. Click here to Contact Support to check for Scan123 Compatibility.


Preferred Scanner Models for High Volume Scanning

Fujitsu fi-7160

Fujitsu fi-7030

Preferred Scanner


Models for Low Volume Scanning:

Canon DR-C225

Canon DR-C2580

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