Bill Leslie, CFO for Gresham Toyota, covers the three reasons why his company chose Scan123 to get a handle on their “sea of paper.”

My name is Bill Leslie, and I’m Chief Financial Officer for Gresham Toyota. There were really three reasons why we chose to look for a scanning product and why we ended up with Scan123. The biggest reason is that we were drowning in a sea of paper. Like most car dealerships we generate lots of paper. At our peak we had a large warehouse filled with paper and two hangars at a local airport where we stored 1,300 to 1,400 boxes. And we wanted to stem the amount of paper that we had to store. The second reason is because of federal privacy regulations, which required that we control who had access to what documents. That’s particularly evident when you look at payroll and human resources. Scan123 offered us the ability to control who could get to what documents. One nice benefit of that though is that it also gave us greater access. Instead of having to run to the airport to look for an old file, any of us, from the right computer station could pull up the document that we wanted to find in just a moment or two. And the third reason why we wanted Scan123 is many, many of the files that we were storing we would keep for years and years and years, and then eventually need one page. So what we’re now doing is we’re scanning the one or two pages out of a particular file that we might eventually need, and our trips to the airport or the warehouse for the documents that we do need to keep are no longer necessary. We can type in the right code, pull up the one or two pages that we need without leaving our desk. We tried other vendors of scanning products. They were extremely slow, and I’ll give you an example. One company that we went to was going to sell us two scanning stations that would have cost us between $12,000 and $13,000 apiece. They would have each taken one employee the better part of a day to keep up with the flow for our business’ needs. Instead we now have four or five scanning stations, and each one of them is used just a few minutes a day. So if you’ve looked at any other scanning product, take a look at Scan123. It’s wonderful, and it’s very inexpensive compared to the alternatives that we explored.

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