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Best Practices

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Work with Support

Designate one person in your company to take charge of how you use the Scan123 system.  This will be your “in-house” expert. Our Support staff will work to build a strong, communicative relationship to ensure their every question is answered. This will make integrating Scan123 into the current workflow as smooth as possible.

Pick one or two functions to start, such as daily banking and human resources, to learn how Scan123 works. Once mastered, you’ll feel confident enough to begin scanning in another department.

Write a plan that explains what documents need to be scanned, by whom, and what “tags” should be used to retrieve them.  Remember: because it’s electronic, doesn’t mean things can’t still get misplaced.

Improve your scanning habits

Inspect what is being scanned into the system at least once a week for each cabinet.  Are documents being scanned regularly? Are they filed into the right cabinets, with the right “retrieval tags” so that you can find them?   If not, it’s time to retrain.

Your documents should be scanned every day.  If a few days are skipped, it’s very difficult to catch up on the backlog.

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Contact Support anytime

Keep track of who scans what

Backscan your entire filing system

Use OCR to easily search every file

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Office and staff changes

Identify documents that don’t need to be printed in the first place.  If someone emails you a document you may be able to save its attachments directly to the correct Scan123 cabinet - without ever printing them. This makes them instantly available to the people you want to have access to them.

Stay on top of changes in your staff.  When an employee leaves the company, one of the first things that you should do is change their password to prevent access to your files.  And never let your employees share passwords and logins.

Organize your cabinets

Your cabinet system should give people access only to the documents they need.  In a small company with less than 10 employees, everyone may need access to everything. In a larger company, though, your cabinet design system should be much more restrictive. Make sure that only the right people in the right departments have access to information pertinent to their position. 

Our security features are top-of-the-line, but they can only be as good as your implementation.

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