Over the years here at Scan123, we’ve had well over five hundred companies give up paper to the extent of 90+ percent or more. We are both flattered and fascinated by the fact that so many companies took our message to heart. In the 10+ years we have been helping folks go paperless there has been thousands of deposed file cabinets tossed aside to live a spartan, lonely existence, empty no less, in a dark storage room, or behind the building. Some are lucky. They get dropped off at Goodwill or some such place. We often get the afterthought in the form of a question from the new customers in a short while. They ask “What should I do with all of these old file cabinets?”

Just let that sink in for a moment. What DO you do with thousands of surplus file cabinets?

In an effort to deal with this very real problem we’ve come up with a possible solution:

Feast your eyes on this bad boy! One drawer for charcoal, and three others for your favorite brisket, pork roast or whatever!

And for a limited time, if you request the 20 minute online demo we’ll send you free of charge, the plans and instructions to convert your surplus file cabinets into productive exotic smokers!

All joking aside folks, wouldn’t that be a great problem to have? Let Scan123 show you how easy and affordable it is to go paperless.