How secure will our documents be, how long can this type of storage be counted on, how easy will it be to retrieve our documents, and what is the overall cost? Let’s take a closer look at these questions.

1. Security

There are many laws governing what a company is required to keep, including business transactions, bylaws, employee records, and taxes. Keeping in line with these laws dictates keeping a lot of information, much of it very sensitive. With Scan123, you control what is kept and who has access to this information. You gain added security and the knowledge of just who can see your files.

2. Longevity

The need to keep sensitive information for years, and sometimes decades, can create problems when using paper storage. Print and ink fades over time. Paper storage is susceptible to weather and other unforeseen occurrences. The potential for losing vital information in this instance is almost guaranteed. With electronic storage, your files can remain legible for a lifetime.

3. Ease of Retrieval

With the click of a button, retrieve any file you need from electronic storage. The time saved in not needing to walk up and down aisles of boxes looking for one particular box, and then having it not be the correct box, alone is a huge plus when considering electronic storage options.

4. Overall Cost: Large Physical Storage versus Electronic Storage

The overall savings that can be realized when switching from large physical storage options to electronic storage makes electronic storage a great way to go. Since you won’t need to move information between locations, you save money on manpower and the time. This will enhance your bottom line.

Without the need for document storage in the form of boxes or other storage mediums and monthly maintenance fees for a physical location, electronic storage will also enhance your bottom line in many favorable ways.

At no cost to your business, Scan123 can help you to regain control over document management, which is one of the most important administrative roles your company must undertake.
In just 20 minutes Scan123 can show you how to use electronic storage to save and retrieve your vital documents, set security options, and gain peace of mind that your documents will be there when you need them.