In the course of your user’s daily scanning routine, they may notice the scanner prompts you to log back in after 30 minutes of inactivity. This may seem annoying at first, but we do this for a very good reason, let me explain why we do it this way.


Have you ever worked in retail?

If, for example, you have ever worked in retail you may be able to relate to this quite well. In retail you were trained to make sure to log out of the till (cash register), because if any money was missing or anything else happened while you were logged in to the till, the blame fell solely on you because you were the last one logged in and were considered accountable.


Protecting your business

We add the Scan123 Client inactivity timeout to protect your business, and second, to protect your customer’s ‘trigger’ data as well. At some point in the day you might scan sensitive data and walk away from your desk. Yes, the place you work might be less of a risk than a till, but not that much less. I know of a dealership (to remain un-named) that left customer data lying around. That data was stolen and the dealership was fined so heavily they were forced to go out of business.


Why hang your neck out that far?

Log out when you leave your desk, then just log back in when you return and continue your work knowing you are doing your part to protect your business and your customer’s data. If you forget to log out? Well, that’s why we have the 30 minute inactivity timer.