Lets face it. Hackers have available to them computers that can try millions of potential passwords quickly. If you have a complicated password it will decrease the chances a hacker will be able to guess your password.

This is an easy way to Make a stronger But easy-to-remember password.

Think of a sentence that could only mean something to you but you would never forget the reason for the sentence. Use the first letter of each word in the sentence.

For example, that sentence might be: “I crashed my motorcycle on a dirt road in 1975.”

This gives you the password icmmoadri1975. Not too bad but it needs something more.
Now mix up the capitalization.
This may give you a password like iCmmOaDri1975. Now we’re getting somewhere.
If you haven’t done it yet, throw in numbers and/or punctuation marks somewhere.
This may give you a password like iCmmOaDri!1975. Nice.
You can greatly decrease the hackers ability to crack it by adding something else simple like;;;;;.
iCmmOaDri!1975 is mathematically much easier to crack than iCmmOaDri!1975;;;;; because tens of millions more tries are needed to crack it.

So now you have no excuse not to have a strong password that only you would know. Now I suggest that you use that strong password to password protect a ‘password manager’ program like KeePass. Using a password manager allows you to generate and manage very random strong passwords (ie. kO3;p2emz!VAQCVn,i4f:MmE) for each different login you have for things like web bank accounts, server logins, windows logins, etc. You can frequently change those passwords with new ones every couple of months. I personally need to manage 70+ logins with hard to crack, long random password strings, and this is the only way I can do it.

Remember, you are the keeper of your security. Do it right.

Lastly, DON’T use the example password we created above!!!

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