As crazy as it might seem, many of today’s business offices still rely heavily on paper. Documents, correspondence, reports, printouts, official forms, and on and on. Any and all manner of documents. An estimate of the costs it takes for each one of these pieces of paper to be created, filed, and retrieved falls in the range of $10 to $20 each. This obviously leads to very serious budget issues for you to consider. It’s not as if you can simply do without some of those documents to cut your costs. You and your business still need secure, protected methods of storage and retrieval. So what’s the alternative?

Well, it’s in the form of Electronic Document Management Systems (or EDMS). Choosing to store your valuable documents through EDMS, you get a vastly improved file management system, and if you choose the right provider, it can be a fraction of your previous costs. The advantages are tremendous. Lets look at some:

Security and Retrieval

Placing your files in an EDMS ensures that they’re safe and secure. They’ll be centrally stored, meaning all authorized personnel can have access to the files they need, all at the same time, if needed. No more lost or misplaced documents! For sensitive documents you have options for limiting employee’s access based on individual user accounts. Think of how you secure your paper files now. Only a few people have access to certain cabinets.


Instead of the time spent digging through banker’s boxes and filing cabinets, EDMS are a far more efficient solution. You can quickly search for and pull up relevant documents instantly. Remote access allows you to manage your documents from anywhere, and it’s easy to allow multiple users to access documents simultaneously.

Indexing and Document Capture

EDMS presents greater options for indexing methods. Selecting to index your files on a keyword basis, for example, offers a much broader scope of accurate searching and identification to find all the documents relevant to your query, for example. Capturing documents to be securely stored is easy, and it’s even easier to transfer already digitized files, correspondence, online information and attachments directly into your EDMS.

Efficiency in the Workplace

Choosing EDMS over traditional paper file management nets you an incredible increase in efficiency. Being able to quickly store your documents and pull them up in an instant avoids time wasted unnecessarily searching for lost, misplaced, or stolen documents. It can also speed up real-time dialogue with clients giving better customer service. EDMS can save you quite a bundle over the years. To find out how much, use this ROI calculator.